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Are you a hardcore movie lover? Then here is the best app for you. Download 123Movies; a free app for Android/IOS/PC/Mac. Unlike all movie apps, you can watch movies free here. There are many apps out there to Watch Free Online Movies. They offer one- month free trial and you need to pay after 1 month to further use those apps. In some apps, you need to pay individually for each movie. 123Movies is different from all those apps. You can watch any movie or TV shows directly by downloading this app. Only thing is that you need to have a fast internet connection. You will get all your favorite movies for free from this app.


The app was launched in August 2013 with its initial small version. Now it changed a lot and is one of the most up to date app you can find in this genre. Hence, it has gained a lot of population among viewers now. Who doesn’t love to watch movies for free? You don’t have to wait in a long queue to get movie tickets and don’t spend money on bad movies. Sometimes we expect more and get nothing. If you download this MovieBox app the main advantage is you can watch movies and TV shows anywhere anytime with an internet or Wi-Fi connection. You will get this app in many different languages like Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Thai and many more.  So you can operate this app from anywhere in the world.


Important Features of 123Movies

When compared to all other apps in this genre this is one of the best one. You will get to know its advantages by checking its feature. Check out some important 123Movies app features


1. To watch movies and TV shows through 123Movies you don’t need to register anywhere. This app lets you to watch movies without a sign-up. So, don’t worry about remembering your user name and password.

2. The app comes with an excellent GUI (Graphic User Interface) that makes its appearance attractive. You can watch movies with a good internet connection or Wi-Fi

3. MovieBox is designed as a user friendly site. One can easily find their favorite movies and TV shows.

4. One can create a personal movie library by downloading movies from 123Movies app. If you do this you can watch them even when you are offline.














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  • As much as we need helpful technology, we do not recommend the use Lie Detector Machines. These already have complicated tools and is not the only escape that will make you abundant.

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  • Unfortunately, there have been cases of private citizens hypnotizing others to commit heinous crimes.

    Michael Doe
  • This is why we are advocating for a new ways of identifying truth in our court systems.

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