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Shaniqua Johnson was born in Virginia. She now lives in the Texas with her husband and son. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree Psychology. She is a professional Kinesiologist.

She is a human rights advocate. She speaks and writes about issues affecting the society. Her work includes identifying human rights violations, gathering information and facts, interviewing those violated and the violators, and visiting displaced persons and prisoners.

She also observes trials and elections and monitor demonstrations. Sometimes she intervenes with local authorities on behalf of victims.

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  • As much as we need helpful technology, we do not recommend the use Lie Detector Machines. These already have complicated tools and is not the only escape that will make you abundant.

    John Frank
  • Unfortunately, there have been cases of private citizens hypnotizing others to commit heinous crimes.

    Michael Doe
  • This is why we are advocating for a new ways of identifying truth in our court systems.

    Thomas Carl

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